writer Greg Hudson
Greg Hudson > Writer > The Benefits of Night School + Church BoyWhat Kind of Worker Are You?
Hudson graduated from Ryerson University in Toronto and was once published on Timothy McSweeney’s Internet Tendency. He figures this gives him instant hipster literary cred. He recently joined Venture Publishing as an editor.

Personal Trainer Jesse Lipscombe
Jesse Lipscombe > Blogger > Deskercise
Led by professional athlete Jesse “The People’s Trainer” Lipscombe, P.H.A.T. Training’s roster of fitness experts take a wholistic approach to fitness – from life coaching to yoga to bootcamp that will kick your ass. Because sometimes there are larger concerns than washboard abs and rock-hard glutes. (Though they’ll help you get those, too.)


Karen Pinchin > Writer > Money for Sale
Based in Vancouver, Pinchin has written for Newsweek International, the Globe and Mail, Georgia Straight, Canadian Press and other news organizations. She has written about everything from MBA candidates volunteering in Botswana to high-tech food production. She is also editor of Maclean’s On Campus.


Reanna Evoy > Writer and photographer > Review: Ready to Read
Evoy founded the Vancouver fashion magazine Butter and, when not art directing enRoute, she blogs about fashion at ReannaTime. You can visit her vintage fashion boutique Caesar Pony on Etsy. A Vancouver native, Evoy worked at branding and communications design firm Karo at McMillan, a boutique ad agency. Her work has been recognized by the National Magazine Awards, the Advertising & Design Club of Canada and Applied Arts, among other organizations.

Martie van Hengel
Marti van Hengel > Writer > Review: iPhone Apps for Work
A knowledge worker in Edmonton, van Hengel writes diatribes in a secret online blog to an audience of 40 people, including an IT manager for the World Health Organization, a 75-year-old retiree formerly employed with IBM’s research and development division and animal hat crochet artist from Chicago. Despite her deeply digital world at work and play, she trying to “make her relationships more organic” and as such is following a Quit Facebook program. It’s harder than when she quit smoking for good. Her four-year-old niece’s favorite iPhone app is Bubbles.


Eve Lessard > Writer > Recruitment in 2010
Lessard is a freelance recruiter in Montreal. She started her own boutique BHired in the best of times: a recession. She is a fan of caffeine, business books and the Calgary Flames.

Ryan Stuart
Ryan Stuart > Writer > Soft Landing
Specializing in sports and travel writing, Stuart spends as much time as he can on assignment: mountain biking, skiing and paddling in his backyard, Vancouver Island. He also writes about everything from Into the Wild-style gadgets to the career prospects of bike couriers for such publications as explore, the Globe and Mail and BC Business. He also writes two blogs, one on outdoor gear for explore and one on eco-travel news for the BC Wilderness Tourism Association.

Laura Trethewey
Laura Trethewey > Writer > Job Training + In the Loop
This Toronto-based writer has chronicled working in Scotland (published in the Globe and Mail), the indie recession for Broken Pencil and Exclaim! and just came off recent stints as an intern at Chatelaine and Toronto Life.


Curtis Comeau
Curtis Comeau > Photographer > Church Boy
Dividing his time between Edmonton and Vancouver, Comeau shot for such publications as Maxim, the Sunday Times in the U.K. and Venture Publishing. His career highlight is taking portraits of the Canadian Olympic Taekwondo team for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. When he’s not travelling or photographing, he like to sleep in late.

Flavie Halais > Writer > Officeland: Share-sies for Freelancers
Halais is a France-born, Montreal-based multimedia journalist. She writes about sustainability and collaboration issues, social entrepreneurship, design and urbanism on her blog, Defiant Imagination. Halais has a growing passion for coffee and Twitter and listens to radio documentaries to fall asleep.

writer Greg Hudson
Greg Hudson > Writer > Church Boy
Hudson graduated from Ryerson University in Toronto and was once published on Timothy McSweeney’s Internet Tendency. He figures this gives him instant hipster literary cred. He recently joined Venture Publishing as an editor.

Lindsey Norris bio pic
Lindsey Norris > Writer > Project Start-up
A former associate editor at Unlimited, Lindsey Norris got into writing because she wanted to pen the Great Canadian Novel. In her first year of university, however, she slept in, missed the registration deadline for fiction and, instead, took a class on creative non-fiction. “I learned that you aren’t lying if the stuff you make up brings the reader closer to a truth,” says Norris, who lives in Kamloops, B.C. When not writing about business, travel and the 2010 Olympics, she is relearning how to drive a stick shift. On hills.

Lesley Scorgie
Lesley Scorgie > Podcaster > Rich by Thirty
Scorgie is the author of Rich by Thirty: A Young Adult’s Guide to Financial Success and founded the Calgary-based financial consulting company Rich By Inc.

Craig Silverman
Craig Silverman > Writer > Time Machines
Craig Silverman is a Montreal journalist and author and an associate editor of MediaShift. When he’s not tweeting, he writes for such publications as the New York Times and Globe and Mail, and pens columns for Hour and Columbia Journalism Review. The founder and editor of, a website that reports on media errors and corrections, Silverman’s most recent book is the award-winning MafiaBoy: How I Cracked the Internet and Why It’s Still Broken (co-written with Michael Calce).

Laura Trethewey
Laura Trethewey > Writer > In the Loop
This Toronto-based writer has chronicled working in Scotland (published in the Globe and Mail), the indie recession for Broken Pencil and Exclaim! and just came off recent stints as an intern at Chatelaine and Toronto Life.


Michael “Tie Guy” Brechtel > Writer > Knots Landing
Brechtel is an Edmonton-based ad man with RED the Agency. When he’s not lusting after ties, tie clips and other men’s fashion accessories, he volunteers as co-chair of artScene Edmonton, a local wing of the national group Business for the Arts. The tie he wears in this photo is from the Islay Woolen Mill – known for making Mel Gibson’s tartan for Braveheart – just off the southwest coast of Scotland. A bargain at $50, the tie is in Bruichladdich blue, a colour that represents the Bruichladdich Distillery.

Jennifer King 150x150
Jennifer King > Writer > Eco Barons
Born and raised in Edmonton, King developed a fierce love for words during six years working in a small bookstore. She enjoys learning new words and making up new ones. (She was discombobulated when she found out “combobulated” isn’t a word.) When not trying to make a living as a professional Scrabble player, she listens to music and builds stuff with Lego. Her previous story for Unlimited was You, Inc.

Mading Ngor > Writer > Foreign Relations
Born in Southern Sudan, Mading Ngor co-founded the New Sudan Vision, which is one of the few Southern Sudanese online newspapers. He recently graduated from Grant MacEwan with a journalism diploma and is studying communications at Royal Road University, in Victoria.

Jill Stanton

Jill Stanton > Illustrator > The Art of Customer Service
Stanton is an illustrator and printmaker and is involved with SNAP (the Society of Northern Alberta Print-Artists). Her work deals with issues of sustainability, modern culture, and living communities. In addition to, and perhaps because of, her chosen career in the arts, she has gained extensive experience in various positions of the customer service industry.

The Wiseguy headshot Power Up
Sean Wise > Writer > Batman Was a Businessman
This business superhero is a professor of Entreprenuership and Innovation at the Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson University and the online host and industry advisor for CBC’s business reality show, Dragons’ Den. His latest book is How to be a Business Superhero.


Marcello Redux
Marcello Di Cintio > Writer > The Matchmaker
This Calgary-based writer is the author of Poets and Pahlevans: A Journey Into the Heart of Iran. In August he will begin his term as the Markin-Flanagan Writer-in-Residence at the University of Calgary. A former wrestler – complete with cauliflower ears – Di Cintio studied microbiology and volunteered with Canadian Crossroads International in Ghana. His writing has appeared in The Walrus and enRoute. You can read his tweets here.

Scott Dutton > Illustrator > You, Inc.
Raised by feral cats in the wilds of B.C., Dutton’s teen years were spent dreaming of comic books and science fiction. But in this dog-eat-dog world, he soon learned to apply himself in more productive ways, culminating in a move to Edmonton, where he now divides his time between the worlds of cats and dogs. After several years primarily as a designer and, recently, associate art director at Alberta Venture, Dutton is making more time to draw again.

Marc Rimmer image
Marc Rimmer > Photographer > The Matchmaker
As a kid, Rimmer, born in Australia and based in Calgary, thought he would be a professional wrestler when he grew up. He didn’t. Instead, he cultivated a passion for portraiture and storytelling and became a photographer for such publications as Alberta Venture, Western Living, and Swerve. Born in Australia and based in Calgary, Rimmer graduated from the Alberta College of Art + Design in 2008. In the off hours, he experiments with typography and design, writes music and tours North America with the four musical “husbands” in the band Azeda Booth.

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