Confessions of an HR Specialist

They do the stuff that you don't want to

Written by an anonymous HR person over at xojane, this article is a funny and well written take on the stuff that HR people go through. Some of the best parts before you head over to read the story.

Drunk and bleeding is never a good start to an interview.

Best candidate ever? Bleeding through shredded tights and positively reeking of alcohol. Then she excused herself for a moment to smoke a cigarette outside my office. Ladies and Gentlemen, the rare interview trifecta of poor judgment! What position was she hoping to land? Nurse.

Trite as it sounds, interviews are like dating. Show me your best self. Keep the crazy hidden until we’re going steady

And below, the inspiration for the deck.

Feedback is a gift.

I have had to tell people their breath stinks, their thong shows, their flatulence is making their office mate gag, and that their perfume smells like rotting cat food. Lots of people rely on HR to have the difficult or embarrassing conversations they can’t have. We try and facilitate these conversations more than actually take them over, but sometimes the task falls to us to deliver the tough love.

Ever have to tell the person across the desk from you that their fly is down? And said person was free-balling it? Think about that the next time you struggle with telling a stranger they have toilet paper on their shoe.

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