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By Geoff Morgan and Duncan Kinney

So you’ve read our profile on the Teeny Weeny MBA we’ve piqued your interest and you want to learn more. Below we have some of the different mini-MBA style programs offered in Canada.

Unfortunately, most of the programs these hallowed halls of learning haven’t gone and called their mini-MBA programs mini-MBAs. This, despite the fact that this would make it easier for everyone involved. So while it might Management Essentials on your completion certificate, we’ll know better.

  1. $4395
  2. Three months
  1. Either three  or nine months
  2. Estimated to be $3200
  1. $3000
  2. One month, two nights a week
  1. 6,850
  2. 6 months
  1. $6,600
  2. Seven months
  1. More tightly focused programs across a range of disciplines
  2. Costs vary

If you want something with a bit more educational heft behind there’s always an Executive MBA.  All programs are designed for people with full-time jobs and are offered on evenings and weekends.

  1. Calgary/Edmonton
  2. A joint program offered through both the U of C and the U of A
  3. Costs $58,000 and lasts 20 months
  1. Online
  2. Cost: $43,000
  3. 20 to 36 months
  1. Cost: $89,000
  2. 12 months
  1. Cost: $72,000
  2. 15 months
  1. Cost: $47,000
  2. 19 months
  1. Toronto/Chicago
  2. Costs: $110,000
  3. 18 months

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