Rich by Thirty: Figuring Out Your Work/Life Balance

How Do You Figure Out Your Work/Life Balance?

By Lesley Scorgie

Every year around this time, I do some brainstorming about what I want to accomplish throughout the year. It’s a goal setting exercise whereby I think about what’s important to me, the achievements I want to make and how they fit into my long term goals. Then, I spend some time figuring out how I’m going to balance my goals with other important things in my life like my education, travel, relationships, etc.

At this time last year, for example, I developed a plan to write a new personal finance book for young couples aged 25 to 40. My mission was to give readers the tools to grow their net worth. I’ve accomplished my goal, and in March 2010, I plan to release my second book, Rich by Forty: A Young Couple’s Guide to Building Net Worth. In order to accomplish this goal, I had to find balance. Yes, there were many late nights where I hovered over my computer, BUT, I made sure that I did some travel, built up my personal finances, strengthened my relationships, spent time developing my career, balanced my budget every month and much more. Had I not struck a balance between these competing priorities, I’m sure I would have experienced a very unfulfilling year.

What follows are strategies on how to manage conflicting priorities for your time, money and energy and figure out what’s important to you.

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