Your Own Personal Stimulus Plan

This month’s podcast gives the lowdown on how Canada’s new Economic Action Plan affects you

By Lesley Scorgie


The Economic Action Plan is generating a lot of hype and even comes with a cheery website that’s reminiscent of those ParticipACTION campaigns for grade-school kids. It’s all with the aim of stimulating the economy by putting money back into the hands of individuals and companies. Think of it as your own personal stimulus package through such things as lower federal income taxes (yay!) and benefits for first-time homeowners.

But this isn’t a hand-out. In this podcast, I talk about how the action plan affects gen-y and millennials: what’s good, what’s bad and what you should know before you sign up for some of the special programs. Plus, I talk about changes to the Home Buyers’ Plan – a must-listen if you’re shopping around for your first home.

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Links: Online with the Feds

Check out some of the websites below for in-depth details about incentives for individuals and companies, along with links to all of the Government of Canada’s various websites.

Canada’s Economic Action Plan

Action Plan: What’s in it for you
This section is geared at individuals and families and has dedicated sections for students and “workers.” The worker section covers everything from personal tax relief for individuals to the government’s wage earner protection program.

Home Renovation Tax Credit

Project Map
This Google maps lays out stimulus projects across the country, including a $5-million Artic Research Infrastructure Fund in the Far North to an Aboriginal Skills and Employment Partnership.

Pmwebphotos’ photostream
Did you know that Stephen Harper has a Flickr page? You’ll find numerous photo ops, including those for the Action Plan. U

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