Review: Business Card Binder

Russell+Hazel’s business card binder

By Joyce Byrne

card binderWhile the Japanese have codified the business card exchange to a high art, the same interaction in North American culture feels less ritual these days and more speed-dating. Networking associations like the Canadian Entrepreneur Organization boast their events “help you make more contacts in one evening than you could in a year!” But whether you’re selective in bestowing the gift of your card or hand it over indiscriminately, without a strategy for dealing with the morning after, you’re likely to end up with a pile of paper rectangles and no real connections. You can move from a top drawer system to a Rolodex, but the key to turning the exchange into a business opportunity or relationship is the followup and recall of details. Enter this stylish Russell+Hazel binder solution. Fill it with three-ring note pages and schedulers and for tracking contacts, die-cut pages to hold business cards and record handwritten notes, making meaningful followup a snap. Make some notes about the individual as soon as you can for optimal recall and follow up with a brief email note to reinforce your new relationship. _Joyce Byrne

“Look at that subtle off-white colouring, the tasteful thickness of it. Oh my God – it even has a watermark.”
Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman, in American Psycho

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